RZIM & Ravi Zacharias Document List

Last updated: Mar 8, 2021 As the number of primary source documents available regarding the Ravi Zacharias case has grown quite rapidly, I thought it would be useful to put together the links in a quick reference page. For a more exhaustive timeline / reference for the Ravi Zacharias case, take a look at Brad’s work over at Spiritual Sounding Board. For my commentary on this topic, see my blog posts diving more specifically into particular areas or my Twitter feed. (... read more ...)

January 25, 2021 rzim ravi zacharias timeline

Menlo Church & John Ortberg - Child-Attracted Volunteer Allowed In Youth Ministry

I believe everyone, including the church, is best served by having all the assertions out in the open. This post is a chronological account of what has happened, as best I can piece it together. (... read more ...)

February 13, 2020 ortberg timeline