What Should RZIM Do Next?

RZIM has said they expect their investigation to complete in January or February. They have pledged to release Miller & Martin’s report publicly. Good. It was always a minimum to release the report. What next? When I worked in tech, we did an exercise called a “postmortem” after serious technical problems. A postmortem is always a no-blame debriefing—yes, even if the problem was caused by human error. The reason is simple: in our view, the system should have been designed to prevent operator error—failure is a failure of the system. (... read more ...)

December 27, 2020 rzim ravi zacharias church abuse

So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

If you’ve followed my Twitter in the past, you’ll know I was running (basically) a curated news feed about church abuse in general and some specific cases in more detail (Menlo Church, RZIM). Last year, when both Menlo and RZIM hired independent investigating firms to look into their alleged misconduct cases and the organizations’ culture/handling of them, I decided to get off that bird site and take some time to regroup and reflect. (... read more ...)

February 28, 2022 church abuse ortberg rzim

The Ravi Zacharias Report is Out

RZIM released the Miller & Martin investigation report into Ravi Zacharias’s sexual misconduct on Thursday, along with two statements. Substantial news coverage immediately followed from both religious and nonreligious outlets (Christianity Today, RNS, Washington Post, New York Times), so you know news outlets were given the report earlier but agreed to wait to publish until RZIM was ready. Here’s my take on the news.

 (... read more ...)

February 13, 2021 rzim ravi zacharias

RZIM & Ravi Zacharias Document List

Last updated: Mar 8, 2021 As the number of primary source documents available regarding the Ravi Zacharias case has grown quite rapidly, I thought it would be useful to put together the links in a quick reference page. For a more exhaustive timeline / reference for the Ravi Zacharias case, take a look at Brad’s work over at Spiritual Sounding Board. For my commentary on this topic, see my blog posts diving more specifically into particular areas or my Twitter feed. (... read more ...)

January 25, 2021 rzim ravi zacharias timeline

RZIM: Why Fear Transparency?

Happy 2021? What a week. On the church transparency front, it’s been four business days since I wrote to RZIM asking for some documents that they are (1) required by federal law to provide on request and (2) required by their participation in ECFA to provide on request. I haven’t gotten a response. This is frustrating but not particularly surprising. I’m not a donor who can withhold funds; I’m not a reporter who can publish an expose. (... read more ...)

The Ravi Zacharias Case Takes a Turn

Yesterday, RZIM released a statement regarding an interim report from their investigative firm. In a dramatic reversal of their earlier statement saying they did not believe the allegations against Zacharias, this one admitted that the investigation had found significant evidence to corroborate the allegations already made in the news, as well as evidence of additional, more serious, misconduct. This feels like the culmination of weeks of statements from RZIM speakers saying they have concerns with RZIM’s handling of the allegations. (... read more ...)

December 24, 2020 rzim ravi zacharias church abuse