Truth First

One enormous piece of cognitive dissonance right now for the staff and congregation at Menlo is how to reconcile what they thought they knew about their senior pastor and elder board and what they are discovering, now that the cold hard facts are spreading. The brain rebels. It implores the thinker to stop disrupting the worldview that has made sense until now. It comes up with rationalizations, justifications, for why this new information should be rejected. (... read more ...)

July 11, 2020 ortberg culture

Accountability and Menlo Church

Whenever someone is forced to go public in holding a church accountable, they immediately receive pushback: “Why are you attacking the church? This is our home—it’s supposed to be your home—why are you tearing it down?” (... read more ...)

July 6, 2020 ortberg culture

Secrecy & The Soul

“I feel really strongly that if your ‘good life’ is based upon keeping information a secret, pretending that you did not do something you did, lying to the people closest to you about a serious breach of trust that you committed, you do not, in fact, have a good life. You might have a comfortable life. You might have a life that looks really good to people from the outside. You might have an easy life. (... read more ...)

February 19, 2020 culture ortberg