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What Should RZIM Do Next?

RZIM has said they expect their investigation to complete in January or February. They have pledged to release Miller & Martin’s report publicly. Good. It was always a minimum to release the report. What next? When I worked in tech, we did an exercise called a “postmortem” after serious technical problems. A postmortem is always a no-blame debriefing—yes, even if the problem was caused by human error. The reason is simple: in our view, the system should have been designed to prevent operator error—failure is a failure of the system. (... read more ...)

December 27, 2020 rzim ravi zacharias church abuse

How I wish church leaders responded to questions (Day 6)

I wish leaders understood better what advocates are trying to accomplish when we ask for more information or question their decisions. We are a part of the community. We are not trying to bring it down or hurt you. We are trying to make sure victims of abuse are helped and further abuse is prevented. In today’s world, we have seen too many tragic news stories to take this as a given. (... read more ...)

The Ravi Zacharias Case Takes a Turn

Yesterday, RZIM released a statement regarding an interim report from their investigative firm. In a dramatic reversal of their earlier statement saying they did not believe the allegations against Zacharias, this one admitted that the investigation had found significant evidence to corroborate the allegations already made in the news, as well as evidence of additional, more serious, misconduct. This feels like the culmination of weeks of statements from RZIM speakers saying they have concerns with RZIM’s handling of the allegations. (... read more ...)

December 24, 2020 rzim ravi zacharias church abuse

How I came to realize the church has an abuse problem

It was the summer of 2018. Willow Creek had just imploded with the Chicago Tribume breaking the story of sexual harassment allegations against senior pastor Bill Hybels in March and the New York Times following up with a bombshell interview with Hybels’ former assistant Pat Baranowski in August. That very weekend co-lead pastor Steve Carter stepped down. Soon afterward, the other co-lead pastor, Heather Larson, and the entire Elder Board, stepped down. (... read more ...)

October 22, 2020 church abuse advocacy sankey

Investigating the truth is hard (Day 5)

The last movie I watched before lockdown was Knives Out, which is a very good murder mystery movie (97% on Rotten Tomatoes). I’m glad I got to see it because the other two movies I watched were mildly disappointing (Little Women) and devastatingly, depressingly, life-alteringly bad (The Rise of Skywalker), so it was nice to end on a good note. Sometimes advocacy feels like being in a murder mystery. Someone in this room murdered Mr. (... read more ...)

October 9, 2020 dailies church abuse advocacy

How bias makes leaders ignore allegations (Day 4)

Excuses leaders make when declining to investigate abuse or respond to victims and advocates: a list. If you’ve been a victim or advocate in church abuse, you’ve almost certainly been on the receiving end of one or more of these. It sounds like a playbook, but it isn’t. It’s just human nature. And you know what that means? (... read more ...)

The church has a problem with teen girls—why? (Day 3)

Let’s talk. Why do Christians have such a negative view of teen girls? (... read more ...)