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RZIM & Ravi Zacharias Document List

Last updated: Mar 8, 2021

As the number of primary source documents available regarding the Ravi Zacharias case has grown quite rapidly, I thought it would be useful to put together the links in a quick reference page.

See anything missing?

If you know of other documents online that should be linked here, please let me know.

Also, many financial documents are not published, or were published at one time and have been taken down. If you happen to have received documents from RZIM in the past and are willing to share them, please send me an email. In particular, we are missing the financial report for FY 2017, which was the year of the sexting lawsuit.


Public statements

From Ravi Zacharias

From RZIM (US)

From RZIM (other countries/affiliates)

From RZIM employees / former employees

From Zacharias family members

From victims

From The Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA)

Ravi Zacharias was ordained with C&MA in Canada originally and then transferred to C&MA in the US.

Lawsuit documents (2017)

Financial/Governance documents

Audits/financial reports for RZIM

IRS documents for RZIM

Governance documents for RZIM, Inc (est 1986 in GA)

Note: RZIM’s history page says it was founded in 1984, but the corporation was registered in Georgia in 1986. They may have run unincorporated in the beginning, or perhaps they were registered in another state. According to RZIM’s 1986 application for tax exempt status with the IRS, a related organization was initially incorporated and exempt in New York in 1984-1985, and its assets were later transferred to RZIM (Georgia).

RZIM Productions, Inc (est May 2017 in GA):

Gate Project, LLC (est Jul 2018 in GA)

Financial / governance documents for RZIM international affiliates

Annual reports

Touch of Hope documents

On Jan 15, 2021, organization charts for RZIM from early 2020, October 2020, and November 2020 were leaked to The Roys Report. These charts show a woman (name redacted) who was known as Ravi Zacharias’s private massage therapist employed as a “Project Manager” for a project named “Touch of Hope”. She reported first directly to Zacharias, later to his daughter and CEO Sarah Davis, and later still to CFO Jeanette Chuquiure.

Touch of Hope 2011 launch news coverage:

This scholarship appears to have been renamed the “Future Stars Scholarship” and was administered by RZIM India for a time. I can’t find it extant on the web any more.

However, according to the Miller & Martin investigative report, “Touch of Hope” at RZIM was operated as a purely discretionary fund which Ravi Zacharias used to wire substantials sums of money to women.