July 13, 2020

Apology from Beth Seabolt to Daniel Lavery (Jul 13)

Originally posted on Instagram on July 13 (unknown when sent privately):

Hi Danny,

I’d like to offer a long-overdue apology for my comments at our Town Hall on March 1, 2020. When elders were asked why we were not responding to more of your comments and requests, I offered that we were not going to engage in a social media battle with you. Then I added that your posts were likely motivated by needing to lash out and separate from the influence of your parents. This was discrediting and obviously very hurtful. I’m so sorry. I answered that poorly and caused you pain. I hope you will be able to forgive me someday. All the elders were and continue to be grateful that you brought the volunteer to our attention and applaud your very right and real concerns for the safety of children and youth at Menlo Church. So Danny, I thank you for your courage to voice these concerns and motivate the Board to initiate a supplemental investigation.