July 13, 2020

Johnny Ortberg email to frisbee team (Approx Jul 13)

Originally posted on Twitter:

Hi all -

By now most or all of you are aware of what my brother has been saying about me on twitter, and/or have received an email from Mike McGuirk of BADA essentially echoing the claims my brother has been making.

My brothers’ actions/statements have stemmed from the much larger family crisis I mentioned back in November. I’m not going to get into the family issues/rifts that have led to this increasingly public feud, but I do feel very strongly I need to clarify the descriptions of me (that have been forwarded by Mike) are wrong. The situation is a mess, and not a good source of information on me.

I know that many of you who have known me longer know this, but I coached because I loved the chance to watch the team together year after year, I loved to watch players grow and be challenged, and I loved to watch the friendships that developed on the team between the most unlikely of students - many of which last longer than their tenure on the team. I’ve never committed any act of child abuse/grooming, that’s simply not a temptation to me. Furthermore I’ve always been extremely mindful of the trust parents and kids give to someone in a role like mine - it’s sacred and I would never break it. I hope most of all that the positive impact the team had on players - sometimes small, sometimes big - would not be lost in all of this. I know I have not been a perfect coach, but I want you to know I took this role seriously and tried to give the team the best I had.

I realize this is a sensitive, triggering subject and empathize with the burden/pain it must put on a lot of you to even hear about. I also understand given what is being said it may be difficult to trust that I’m speaking the truth, so I understand if there are still feelings of anger or mistrust - I simply needed to share the truth. I’m happy to speak with anyone who wishes and/or help provide support/resources to people trying to move forward with the team next year. I understand if the nature of the situation makes anyone uncomfortable with any contact - do not worry about that hurting my feelings.