July 7, 2020

Laura Ortberg Turner email to friend (Jul 7)

Originally published on Twitter


First of all, thank you for writing to me with your honest questions. I have been so grateful for our friendship and correspondence, and want you to feel like you can ask me whatever you need to. This is such a difficult and complex topic, and I’m a little loathe to say much right now for fear of saying the wrong thing. Does that make sense? I hope so. Here is what I want to say to you: I absolutely know that you are asking these questions out of a place of care, love, and accountability. We absolutely have talked extensively about appropriate guidelines for [REDACTED] being with my brother, and are continuing to discern wisdom moving forward, because I want very much for [REDACTED] to have a loving relationship with my brother that takes place in only the most appropriate contexts. At this point, Zack and I have consulted with three different therapists (one being my regular therapist; two others to get outside opinions) about the best ways to move forward with our relationship with my brother and my whole family, and feel very good and confident about those steps. Protecting [REDACTED]’s safety is our highest priority in this life.