July 6, 2020

John Ortberg statement (Jul 6)

Dear Menlo Church Family,

I am deeply sorry for my shortcomings in handling this situation, and for not fully considering the legitimate concerns of our congregation and my responsibility to ensure the safety and security of everyone who comes through our doors. When my son first spoke to me, I should have immediately asked our church Elders for counsel and I should have exerted my full influence to ensure that he did not volunteer again at any event with kids and youth.

This situation has been extensively investigated by Menlo Church and the independent investigator found no misconduct or allegations of misconduct towards anyone in the Menlo Church community. At the same time, I urge anyone who is aware of any form of wrongdoing to come forward and report this to the authorities.

Again, I am deeply sorry about my poor judgement and acknowledge that I betrayed my sacred trust as Senior Pastor. I have sought forgiveness from God, from our church Elders, our staff, and from our congregation. I am thankful for the restoration process the Elders put in place for me, which while difficult, has enabled me to grow and seek forgiveness.

John Ortberg