November 22, 2019

Emails between Beth Seabolt and Daniel Lavery (Nov 22-25)

Originally published at menlo-church dot com

Beth Seabolt, Nov 22

Hi Danny,

We have received your email (although mine was by forward to this email address). I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for you to raise this issue, knowing that the family members you love would be impacted. We appreciate the care you put into thoughtfully crafting the detailed account.

Please know that we are taking your email seriously (investigating) and as such, it might take time to respond.



Elizabeth Seabolt

Daniel Lavery, Nov 22


I can’t thank you enough for this thoughtful and timely response. It has been gutting beyond belief, and I am so glad that it is no longer a secret.


Beth Seabolt, Nov 24


You’re welcome. And, we are moving forward.

We have engaged an investigator, Fred Alvarez, to interview you and others. We are requesting 3-4 hours of your time, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, likely in his Palo Alto office.

I anticipate you will be hearing from Fred tomorrow.

Thank you in advance for being available.


Daniel Lavery, Nov 25

Thank you, Beth. I’ll be in Utah until December 1st but I’ll be available either to speak with Fred over the phone or in-person once I return to the Bay Area. And I’ll make myself available for his call or email.